Cloudy (?) Sunday


In every electoral showdown in Greece, the ghost of silence constantly lingers. The vocal contenders of political power however avoid speaking clearly about their plans. They systematically promise immaterial goods. Democracy, equality, justice, peace and other vague words, which cost nothing and dominate their political discourse.

There is of course another word that is very fashionable. While not dealing with the country’s serious problems (such as unemployment, education and the refugee crisis), they are focused on the bailout and its products.

It is no mystery why all of the political leaders to participate in the last debate spoke for three hours and essentially didn’t say anything.

Mr. Alexis Tsipras was justifiably cheerless. He got so close, but there may not be a cigar for him.

Mr. Evangelos Meimarakis appears to be the most carefree. He has an amazing opportunity to become Prime Minister and he is seems to be enjoying it. Any electoral result will make him happy and he will come out a winner.

Of the rest, Mr. Koutsoumpas, always decent, is turning out to be grounded, politically speaking, as he argued for a departure from the EU when Greece becomes a People’s Republic.

Mrs. Fofi Gennimata had a positive presence. Nobody expected a greater or different success than Mr. Laliotis.

And so we are back to the start. None of the political leaders managed to overcome the confusing ideas and vague promises.

The voters however will manage to do so on the next cloudy (?) Sunday.

Stavros P. Psycharis / TO BHMA