Meimarakis: “If New Democracy wins the elections, I will be the Prime Minister”


The provisional leader of New Democracy wants to refute the rumors of another PM appointed in his place.

From the stand at the International Fair in Thessaloniki, provisional New Democracy president Evangelos Meimarakis will announce that if his party wins the upcoming elections, then he will be appointed Prime Minister.

Mr. Meimarakis will make the statement to clear up the confusion regarding his role in the party, since it has been rumored than another New Democracy officer may be appointed PM.

This rumor, stemming from the fact that Mr. Meimarakis was provisionally appointed party leader after Antonis Samaras stepped down earlier in the summer, is believed to have dissuaded some former New Democracy voters from returning to the party.

A prominent New Democracy officer told To Vima that on Sunday “the people will chose between Tsipras and Meimarakis, they are not voting for someone else to be Prime Minister” and underlined that “it would be too much to vote for one party and its leader, only for a third person to become Prime Minister”.

At the same time Mr. Meimarakis will present his party’s election pledges and during his press conference he will stress the need for a coalition government. Should his party win the elections, he will strive to form an alliance with SYRIZA.